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The Globe Glider webservice is provided as is. No guarantees are furnished as to the accuracy of data or to uninterrupted service. All third party, hyperlinked content, data and trademarks featured are the properties and responsibilities of their respective owners. All due diligence was employed in the compiling of all facts reported and descriptions made in this Website. These items are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. No liability is, however, assumed for them. All texts, photographs, charts and other content, portions thereof, as well as their arrays, program codes and layouts on this Website are protected by copyright and by the other laws securing the rights of intellectual property. The replication, dissemination, extraction or alteration of the contents of this Website are not permitted. Should you have any questions about this Website, please contact us.
Globe Glider is not affiliated with Google Inc., Microsoft Inc. or Yahoo Inc.

Privacy Policy

Globe Glider collects data on an as-needed basis. Entailed in this collection are the automatic recording and storage of data (times of visit, URLs of visitors, IP addresses and user agents). This information is only divulged to third parties when so mandated by law.

Globe Glider uses cookies and a user ID parameter to recognize your browser and to establish a link between it and Google Earth. Globe Glider will not function properly if its cookies have been disabled. Our cookies may be deleted upon conclusion of your Globe Glider session.

Globe Glider employs services provided by third parties (Google Maps, Microsoft Virtual Earth). These implement their own privacy policies. Information submitted by users booking hotels is processed by separate companies and not by Globe Glider.


Impressum and Statement of responsibility

(legal requirement for Germany-based web services)
Bernhard Sterzbach, München, Germany
(Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß §10 Absatz 3 MDStV)
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