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The Globe Glider team

Bernhard Sterzbach – head programmer and gliderminder
the geeks' geek, the nerds' nerd. Got his first computer at the age of 14 — a Commodore. By 16, he was a professional programmer. His coding skills then smoothed his way through university and secured him a great job at a major software engineering company — which he still has!
Bernhard Sterzbach – the man who looked at Google Earth and said "I bet I can do what Google has not." And then went on to do more, much more than anyone ever dreamt possible.

Terry Swartzberg – marketing, press and head nudge
he writes the words and massages the markets. A fast-talking, grizzled 30-year veteran of international journalism.

Annette Schörner - CJO
Case you’re wondering, that’s in Chief Japan Officer, and believe us, she knows a lot about Japan. See


Our heartfelt thanks go to

the people who created the software upon which Globe Glider has been built: Linux, Java, Eclipse, Jetty, Postgres, Postgis, Dojo and the Apache foundation.

the people at Google Maps, Google Local Search, Microsoft Virtual Earth, GeoUrl, Geonames,,, Flickr, Geosnapper, Yahoo Weather and Wikipedia.

You for using Globe Glider, for your suggestions and bug reports, for spreading the good news about geo-browsing and about Globe Glider, and for having taken the time to read all this!