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How to use Globe Glider

The Globe Glider Screen
  One click sends you from where you are now to where you want to go

Where you are now

Globe Glider's homepage provides you with two maps centered—that’s the green Globe Glider logo—at your current location.

Glide to where you want to go, by

  • clicking on either of the two iinteractive world maps (each available in Google and Microsoft versions) on the homepage.
  • dragging a map (hold down the left mouse button and drag it in the desired direction) to get to your destination. Once there, click your mouse.
  • clicking on a link in the information area
  • searching for a place in the Google Local search bar

Here's what you can do with the maps

  • Zoom in and out by using the map controls or your mouse wheel
  • Change the size of the maps by dragging the separator bars
  • Switch between Google and Microsoft maps by using the Map Type menu. Our tip: don't miss the "Bird's Eye" views in the Microsoft maps!

Here's what you get from the information area

  • Info on the city and its neighbors
  • Wikipedia briefings on the city and its region
  • GeoURL – Websites listing and listed by geographic position
  • Guides to your destination and adjoining communities
  • Hotels – listed in and your destination and bookable via travel portals
  • Flickr – Photos taken of the area
  • Weather – Yahoo Weather report for the city
Connecting to Google Earth

Connecting to Google Earth

For those who have already installed Google Earth, connect Globe Glider by opening the "Globe Glider" pull down menu and clicking "Google Earth".The Globe Glider network link will then open in Google Earth. That’s all it takes.

What a connection! Spin the globe in Google Earth and Globe Glider will synchronize to the new position. Pick a new location in Globe Glider and Google Earth will follow.

Opening Glider inside Google Earth

For those using the Windows version of Google Earth Globe Glider is available right inside the Google Earth window: After connecting you'll find the Globe Glider link in Google Earth's "Places" box under "Temporary Places. Now, simply click on "Open Globe Glider window" and Globe Glider opens in Google Earth's own web browser.