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What the world is coming to: geobrowsing

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From browsing ...

My trusty old dictionary defines "browsing" to be "grazing" or "feeding". The image that comes to mind is of cattle moving slowly to a patch of grass, grabbing a mouthful of it and chewing on it for a while. And repeating the procedure over and over again. This image also nicely applies to browsing the Internet when you're looking for some nourishing location-related content. You want to go to Paris. So you need a guide to what's going on there, a map, hotel recommendations, pictures of the area, facts from Wikipedia. To get all this info, you however have to go to a variety of sites. On each of them, you have to go through the same, repetitious sequence: you enter the website, find the search form, enter 'Paris', and then work your way through the entries for Paris, Texas, Paris French Restaurant and Paris Hilton to finally get another bit of savory information. Makes you feel a bit sheepish – doesn't it?

  Sheep is gliding  

... to geo-browsing

With Globe Glider, there's none of this searching and lurching and hunting-and-pecking. Instead, there's a smooth ride – guided by some of the finest tools on the Web – to your destination. Waiting for you there is information from Wikipedia and tourist guides, photographs (Flickr) and selected accommodation which you want and need. This includes briefings on other nearby locations of interest, each ordered by their distance from your destination. Want to travel on? Just glide along by clicking on your chosen destination and all the other parts of Globe Glider will follow. Geo-browsing with Globe Glider: it's your way of getting ahead of the herd.